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About Dave Moulton

I am an ex-bicycle framebuilder, my bikes have been ridden in the Tour de France, Olympics, and World Championships. Originally from England I have lived in the US since 1979. I had a framebuilding business in Worcester, England, in the 1970s. I exported a number of frames to the US and was subsequently offered a position in 1979, with a company named Paris Sport, in New Jersey, just outside New York City. One of my first projects there was to build bikes for the US Olympic Team. A year and a half later I was offered another position with Masi Bicycles; a prestigious bicycle manufacturer in Southern California. In 1983 I opened my own business in San Marcos, CA, which is just North of San Diego. I built custom frames under my own name, “Dave Moulton.” I also built frames under the name of John Howard. (A former US Olympic Team Member.) I also built and marketed, bicycle frames with the brand names, Fuso and Recherché. I retired from the bike business in 1993. I now live South Carolina, and I am a freelance writer with a published novel called “Prodigal Child.” Bicycles I built in the 1980s are still being used and bought and sold on eBay. I have a large following of bicycle enthusiasts in America and the UK. The proceeds from this store help me maintain an active contact with owners of bikes I have built over the years. Through Dave’s Bike Blog, the Dave Moulton Registry, and other organized annual or semi-annual special events like the West Coast Tour of October 2015.


Dave Moulton